Setouchi surf activity

Beginners welcome. Debut in the Seto Inland Sea

Wakeboarding and wakesurfing in the sea, Seto Inland Sea is a world famous point because waves do not stand. Thanks to the refreshing owner who gives proper guidance even if you are challenged for the first time 90 percent of our customers can stand and enjoy!
In addition, you can spend a day on the sea kayaking tour and a day on the sea at SUP for half a day from the sea where you can see the Tomonoura certified as a Japanese heritage.

“Setouchi marine activity” summary
■ Period: year-round
■ Capacity: 2 people ~ ※ Please contact us without any restriction on the number of people
■ Included: Boots in case of board, life jacket, wakeboard (wet dry in winter)
■ What to prepare: Swimsuit (suitable for getting wet), bath towel
■ Required time: about 2 hours
■ Fee: ¥ 6,000 / 1 guest
■ Registration procedure: Setouchi Mother House SetouchiOMOYA Please make a reservation from the reservation exclusive site up to 7 days prior to your stay. Booking site → “Book now” at the top of the screen → “Select a plan” from the available plans → Complete the booking. → After completing the reservation, please make a reservation for the Satoyama experience from the link described in the message from Setouchi OMOYA.
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