Road to Tokyo Olympic

“Just good!” Fukuyama


If you want to play in summer, we recommend to start at Fukuyama.
The sports celebration will be held here in Tokyo, Japan, on July 24, 2020.
During the summer season until the end of the Paralympic Games, September 6, 2020, playing in the Setouchi in land sea area facing Hiroshima Prefecture is secretly popular.

Whatever the summer, I tried to compare the sea- Check out the nearby sea at the location of the Olympics.

1. The sea in Chiba Prefecture in the Kanto region has waves.
→ Perfect for surfing. So in the sea of ​​Ichinomiya, it is also a surfing venue.

2. I don’t want to enter the Shonan sea at Kanagawa prefecture.

→ It is a popular beach, but when you enter the sea, you will stink your body, so sunbathe on the sandy beach.

3. Shirahama of Wakayama in Kinki Area is beautiful but the road is too crowded.

→ you can see people and people and people at Shirahama. The sea is beautiful, but the traffic jam on the way back makes you tired.

4.The Sea of ​​Japan is so beautiful, but you are drunk by the waves.

→ The waves are strong. It’s great for fishing, though.

5. The Seto Inland Sea of ​​Fukuyama City has no waves and few people.
→ The Seto Inland Sea is beautiful and smooth. You can dive and use spears to catch fish. (Check with local fishery association.)

The waters of Shonan in Fukuyama is empty and beautiful, so those who know will come to play in summer.

Marine activities possible in Fukuyama.
You can enjoy SUP, wake surfing, wake boarding, etc. that you can only play in places where waves do not stand.
In addition, we go to uninhabited island using sea kayak, and camping there.

For family trip, Crescent Beach in Utsumi-cho and Sea Park Ohama are wonderful points.
BBQ can be done in the shaded space in the hall, so we can take measures against heat stroke.

How do you access Fukuyama?

For access from Tokyo to Setouchi OMOYA, more than 500 km from Hiroshima Prefecture, use Hiroshima Airport to Haneda Airport or Narita Airport.
Okayama Airport is also one of the better accessible airports.
For customers coming from abroad, why not move from Setouchi as a starting point?
The climate in Seto inlan sea area is said to be similar to that of the Mediterranean region, with mild, low rainfall.

Hiroshima / Okayama departure / arrival information

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Fukuyama station rental information
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Preliminary training camp for Mexico national team @ Fukuyama
If you are a Mexican Olympics fan, you may find the athlete you are looking for with this information.
Fukuyama City has been selected as the pre-camp camp for Mexico’s representatives of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
Diving, sports climbing, badminton, fencing, boating competition groups and officials will prepare for the tournament here starting from Fukuyama city in Setouchi area.